Pricing and Services

Enrollment fee: $99 per person (maximum $199 per family)*

We will waive the enrollment fee and give you a 10% discount off our standard monthly fee if you pay annually in full.


Dependent 18 years old and under

20-44 years old

45-64 years old

65+ years old





What’s Included?

  • Convenient access with no copays. Access includes extended office visits, e-mail, text, phone, and video chat.

  • Annual physicals including completion of school, work, and camp forms.

  • Sick and urgent visits, including after hours as needed.

  • On-site pharmacy with wholesale priced medications.

  • Preventive care including counseling on reducing risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer, and more.

  • Well-woman exams including Pap smears.

  • Health coaching for weight loss, quitting smoking, diet improvement, lowering blood pressure, and more.

  • Skin cancer screening and skin biopsies.

  • Management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, and hypertension.

  • Coordination of care with specialists.

  • Depression and anxiety management.

  • In-office testing -- EKG, pulse oximetry, urine dipstick, pregnancy test, anoscopy, hearing screen, vision screen.

  • In-office procedures -- suture placement removal, IUD placement and removal, ear wax removal, abscess drainage, management of nose bleeds.

*This non-refundable, one-time fee. If you decide to cancel, it's easy, you just let us know.  If you cancel then decide to rejoin, you will be asked to pay a reenrollment fee of $499. Our goals is to maximize disease prevention through continuous relationships.