The Salveo Difference


Translated from Latin, salveo is defined as “to be well” and “in good health,” while salve is a verb or noun that means “to soothe” or “to promote healing or protection”, as well as historically used a friendly greeting. The wellness center hopes to provide salvation from the challenges and barriers of the modern health care system in an innovative, accessible and collaborative model. 

Salveo Wellness Center offers Direct Primary Care, a new model of healthcare to the Philadelphia area that restores the patient as the center of the healthcare system. Direct Primary Care emphasizes maximizing primary care access, efficiency, affordability, and prevention using  a transparent, flat monthly recurring fee without copays or deductibles, and after hours and weekend access including efficient use of technology (email, text, video and telemedicine).

The current system of medical care in the United States is highly inefficient, fragmented and challenged. Salveo Wellness Center seeks to bring together multiple essential disciplines that can work together synergistically to promote optimal patient health, maximize prevention and coordinated care, and provide essential primary services in one location. Four essential pillars support our holistic model: Direct Primary Care, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, and Exercise/Conditioning. Our goal is to create a highly personalized, well-rounded experience for each patient in order to optimize health and exceed expectations within the current health care system construct.

Salveo Wellness Center will offer general and preventative health care and related services for all ages in East Falls and the surrounding communities. Salveo Wellness Center promotes the core philosophy that optimal health, wellness and performance can be attained through the proper balance of patient-centered care, exercise, nutrition, and education. Our staff will focus on each individual and situation holistically rather than from traditional silos. Each patient will be offered education in rehabilitation, nutrition and exercise as it relates to each particular case. Our goal is to educate our patients and maximize prevention as well as treat their injuries and illnesses through our variety of services, group classes, and teaching sessions. Subjects for group events could include nutrition, common injuries, diabetes, hypertension, among many others.